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Website Design

A website allows you to improve your customer service without needing more staff. You can provide your customers with answers for frequently asked questions, online forms can be used for them to request quotes, and save costs by having your forms or other printed material available online for them to print down themselves or to download themselves.

Websites allow you to gather information about your clients, and is also a fantastic way to generate leads. People hate to wait for information so a website allows you to give your clients what they want, when they want it. Website design is such an important part of our lives now, to make it easier for my client, I like to offer them my website design skills to enable them to keep all their projects in the one location. I also work with other website developers on a regular basis.

You can view some of my website design work in my portfolio.

What web services do I offer?

      • New website design
      • Blog Migration
      • Website banners design
      • WordPress skins
      • E-News templates design
      • Social Media setup and templates
      • Domain Name Registration
      • Website Hosting (Business and Personal)
      • Twitter and Facebook setup and design
      • Blog setup and design
      • Email setup

Domain Name Registration

I can organise the registration of any domain names you would like. Once you find a name you are interested in, send it to us and we can arrange the registration for you. domains costs $24.95 per year* (*minimum of 2 years registration) and .com‘s cost $19.95 per year. and domains can only be registered by an Australian registered company, or business with a registered business number (ABN, ACN, BN). You will need to supply this number during the order process. The domain name you order will need to be an exact match, acronym or abbreviation of the supplied business registration, or it should bear a close and substantial connection to the domain name. Domains can be two to 63 letters in length. Words can be separated by hyphens but not spaces.

.com and .net domain names are not restricted and can be registered by anyone.

Website Hosting

I offer website hosting service with WP Hosting. These guys are Australian based and provide an excellent service. Personal hosting is $19/month and Business hosting is $29/month. Their hosting packages include daily backups and email accounts plus much more. I can also arrange this for you either when we are developing your new website or before if you just need a domain and email hosting. Or you can arrange it yourself. Click the link below to open a new account.


You can also find some answer about my website design services on my frequently asked questions page.