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change your domain name

This is an article I wrote for WPHosting. You can read the full article on their website. Here are my tips for speeding up your website builds Use a consistent theme Upon receiving a brief from our clients, we used to search high and low for templates that would work for their content and that […]


Finding out your website has been hacked is the worst feeling. Often it has happened days/weeks or even months before you notice. Sometimes the hacking can be something simple like text injected into your website that links to certain sites. Sometimes it can be alot more sinister. If you are running a WordPress website, most […]

change your domain name

Changing your domain name is scary! There are many reason why you might need to change the domain name for your business or blog. Maybe you are re-branding, or maybe your blog is taking a new direction? Whatever the reason, changing domain names can be scary. This week I wrote a guest blog post for […]

Single page websites

When you are starting your online presence for your business you need more than an under construction page. A single page website might be the answer. Single page websites can be a good solution for anyone not ready to roll out an entire site. And when we say this we mean, you need to have […]

One thing you should really know how to do with your WordPress website is “How to Schedule a WordPress post”. WordPress is a fantastic platform for content managed websites. Not only is it easy to use, but it comes with built-in features that enable you to update easily. It’s hard finding the time to keep your […]

Google has announced that sites who add a SSL certificate will get a minor ranking boost. Security for Google is a top priority. Over the past few months they have been running tests taking into account whether a site use secure, encrypted connections as a signal in their search ranking algorithms. The results they have […]

I thought it might be nice to do a quick post about how you can get some easy quick wins to your SEO for your WordPress Website Get blogging! or Guest blogging ? Be active and Social! Ask for feedback, ask your users what they think, get people to retweet. Optimise your page titles – […]


This week Sucuri Security wrote a blog post about Denial of Service attacks on the rise for WordPress websites. They report that over 162,000+ WordPress sites unwittingly are being used in DDoS attack.


About 3 years ago, WordPress released its Version 3.0. This new release enabled you to select a custom username on installation. This meant the end to most people having “admin” as their default username.