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change your domain name

Changing your domain name is scary!

There are many reason why you might need to change the domain name for your business or blog. Maybe you are re-branding, or maybe your blog is taking a new direction? Whatever the reason, changing domain names can be scary.

This week I wrote a guest blog post for Brisbane Freelance Copywriter, Dr Lara Cain Gray. Lara’s blog called Charming Language is full of book reviews, writer chats and randoms rants. She knows well the stress of migrating blogs to a new domain name. We were please to help her migrate her blog over this year with great results.

If you need affordable copy created for your project, be sure to check her website out.


I often get asked why copywriting matters to a new clients site. The simple answer is, your website copy attracts the search engines that drive traffic to your site. It’s the vehicle that converts a prospect into a customer. If your copy is not relevant, the customer will leave the site.

Good content is a necessity if you want to be found in search results.

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tips from a graphic designer on how to build your brand

A designers tips on how to build your brand

How to build your brand. Branding is more than just your company’s logo. It’s your image and the story that your image tells to your customers. With the rise of social media, a brands image has never been more important. Company’s now post material to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many more platforms. But how do you ensure that what you are sending out there represents your brand and attracts your customers? Read more…

Stock Images, the good, the bad, the ugly

At some stage in a project you may need stock images. It’s very easy to purchase them now-days off various stock websites, and later I will list some great ones.

When it comes to stock images, there are a few thing you need to take into account. Read more…

Who does a yearly round-up in January!!!! Me, that’s who!

December was nuts for us, there were alot of client projects to get completed before our Summer break so a round up was the last thing on my mind. 2015 was busy and filled with lots of changes. Renee left to join the Flight Centre team where she is kicking butts, her spot was quickly filled by the lovely Trish. Trish was with us on a short contract until she made the big move to Sydney. It was something she had wanted to do for ages and I was really happy for her to finally make it. Read more…


This is a question I get all the time from young students about to finish university. They are wondering what it takes to become a freelance graphic designer. Anyone can be a graphic designer, but it takes some extra skills to be a freelance graphic designer. Read more…


Emily Hogarth is a Scottish Designer and Illustrator living and working in Edinburgh. I lived in Edinburgh from around ’99 until 2001, and it is still to date the place I loved living the most when I was overseas. Read more…


I think being asked to design the logo for the Olympics would be just as exciting as being picked on an Olympic team. The designers create everything from the logo to the tickets, the mascots, medals…the list goes on. Generally the Olympic collateral is outsourced to various local graphic design companies to ensure it is all ready in time.

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I love logo design and branding, it is really one of the fun parts of our job. When it comes to branding your business, I am a one stop shop, I can do your logo design, stationery, website, brochures and exhibition stands. From start to finish I can manage it all.

All freelance designers have different creative processes, below is how I do it. Read more…


I often get asked about my per hour rate. While some freelance designers charge by the hour, I like to give my clients a fixed price for their projects. For some services I do have a fixed price (eg logo design). But generally as each project is so different, I find its better to quote on a job by job basis. Read more…