Logo Design

A logo is a graphic element used by business, organisations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition of their brand. Designing a good logo is not a simple task and requires a lot of involvement from not only you (initially) but from me, your designer. To create a good logo you need a clear idea about who your consumers or target group are, or what your product is. A good logo design is simple, timeless, appropriate and memorable.

Why use a Freelance Brisbane Logo Designer?

Finding the right person for your logo design project is not something you should rush. It seems that anyone who owns a copy of Illustrator can call themselves a logo designer. So how do you choose a quality visual branding designer?

Great logo design is not about how many concepts they can create for you, or how fast they can do it. A good logo should be timeless and well thought out. It’s important to invest in your brand, you can read more about why cheap logo design never works on our blog.


Looking for pricing on what a logo design will cost you? View a couple of our popular packages and prices.


A Brisbane graphic designer will have a better understanding of your target market. We can relate to what you are needing for your project. This means you get first hand customer service. A branding designer you can call on the phone, and some one who can sit face to face with you and talk you through the design process.



What’s involved in having your logo designed?

If you already have a clear idea of what you want for your logo design, then my process is pretty simple;

  • Get in contact via email and request a copy of our logo design package
  • Approve our quote and pay our 50% upfront fee to secure your spot
  • You concepts will arrive via PDF in the arranged time
  • Approve or make changes to your concepts
  • Approve the final design, pay the final 50% fee
  •  Receive your files and off you go!

If you need more help with ideas, a good start is my logo questionnaire. This is something I give to all my logo design clients. Use it to help you get ideas on what you want your logo and branding to say about you and your business.

Once we finalise your logo design, we provide the finished logo design files in a range of formats. And we give you the copyright to your logo design.

Do you have a logo design that you need recreated or vectorised?

Over time people often loose their original logo design files. This can be a real disaster. You need high quality files for printing large scale signage without a loss of quality.

We can convert most file format of your logo into a high resolution format for use on various mediums. Once finalised we provide you with EPS, JPEG and PNG file formats. You use these for print, web and large scale print use.

Logo design for small business

As a small business, we love nothing more than helping other small business get off the ground. I think you will find my logo design package very reasonably priced for small businesses.



Are you interested in knowing what a logo design costs? We offer a range of packages to suit all budgets, view our packages to see whats included.


We are affordable Brisbane Logo Designers who make the logo design process easy and enjoyable. Located on Brisbane’s Northiside, we have a lot of experience as logo designers

We help clients all over Brisbane. It’s really important for a business to have a logo, and using a Brisbane Logo Designer just makes it a-lot easier. Our clients are able to keep their design needs in one location. We have a range of skills (like print and digital design), which means you can have a one stop shop.

Interested in knowing what else we can design for you?

I think it’s great if your budget can cover a logo design, stationery design and a small website. But we know what it’s like to start a new small business so we are happy to work to your budget. Why not give us a call to discuss it further or send us an email.

You can also find some answer about my design services on my frequently asked questions page.