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Brand Guidelines Brand Guidelines,  also referred to as a style guide or brand book, are a set of rules that explain how your brand works and looks. A style guide is a complex document and creating it takes a great deal of thought and effort. So why do you need one? Brand Consistency Have a […]

Last year I was lucky enough to attend Wordcamp Brisbane. Since then I have been meaning to write down my notes that I took from that day. Most of the notes below relate to the development of websites on the WordPress platform. Some of the information is about WordPress it’s self, some about UX etc.

With the anniversary of my 10th year as a freelance designer coming up, I thought it might be a nice idea to share some of my tips that I have learnt along the way. The switch to being a freelance designer can be difficult. When you first start out, there’s a range of tasks that […]

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What is a logo design concept and why do I need one? Generally when you hire a logo designer, they will as part of their logo design package, create multiple concepts for you to choose from when they design your logo. The reason you need them to design multiple logo design concepts is that often, […]

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I often hear people use logo or branding as if they are the same thing. But they could not be more wrong. A logo is only one small part of a brand, branding is all the rest.


Like any relationship, romantic or family, the relationship between client and a freelancer designer can be fantastic, but also full of annoyances. In nearly all the cases I have experienced, these annoyances have been due to miscommunication and a lack of understanding of where the other person is coming from.  A good freelance designer will […]

Keywords are an important part of your website When it comes to optimising your content for search engines, the aim of the game is to modify page or pages to send a strong keyword signal for one keyword or phrase. The key to optimisation for SEO is to match one keyword to one page on […]

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Changing your domain name is scary! There are many reason why you might need to change the domain name for your business or blog. Maybe you are re-branding, or maybe your blog is taking a new direction? Whatever the reason, changing domain names can be scary. This week I wrote a guest blog post for […]


I often get asked why copywriting matters to a new clients site. The simple answer is, your website copy attracts the search engines that drive traffic to your site. It’s the vehicle that converts a prospect into a customer. If your copy is not relevant, the customer will leave the site. Good content is a necessity […]

Stock Images, the good, the bad, the ugly At some stage in a project you may need stock images. It’s very easy to purchase them now-days off various stock websites, and later I will list some great ones. When it comes to stock images, there are a few thing you need to take into account.