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The use of tablets and eReaders in our everyday life for gathering information and reading is on the rise. An increasing number of adults are switching from traditional print books to eBooks.

Need an eBook designer to help convert your manuscript?

Then you have come to the right place, we are eBook designers with years of experience. An increasing number of adults are switching from traditional print books to eBooks. They’re accessible and transportable, perfect for our busy lifestyles. Australians are leading the world in the ownership of these gadgets. It’s expected that 70% of Australians will have at least one tablet in their home by 2017*.


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eBooks are the perfect way to self-publish.

eBooks are great way to get your work to the masses through readers like iBooks or Kindle. We take your Word document and convert it, hassle-free. We can concert it into any of the most popular eBook design file formats. These include MOBI (Kindle) and EPUB (iPad, iBook and other e-readers). Our professional conversion services produce beautifully designed and formatted books. Leave the conversion of your book to me and you will have more time to focus on marketing and selling your eBook! Are you interested to know what it costs to design an eBook? We have an easy form you can complete to request a quote from us.


eBook Covers

Many authors have a clear idea on what they want for their eBook cover design. A cover;

  • makes a statement about the author
  • shows the content of your book in a simple visual form

To ensure we delivery you the best result for your eBook cover design, we do the following;

  • read the blurb of your book to understand your genre and target market for your book
  • ensure your cover highlights all important sales information. This includes title, subtitle and the sales blurb
  • create covers that are visually stunning – in full size and thumbnails


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How do we get an original design for your eBook?

As experience graphic designers, we have access to a wide range of stock images, fonts and in many cases work direct with photographers to ensure we get the right imagery for your eBook design. You can also use platforms like Pinterst and Google Image Search to find eBook layout design inspiration.

*Source: Telsyte 2013.

You can also find some answer about my eBook design services on my frequently asked questions page.