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Annual Report Designers Brisbane

One of our graphic design services is offering annual report design. We love designing engaging Annual Reports. Reports are not only a reporting tool, but also a brand communication. They don’t need to be boring!

Design that engages!

We use a variety of skills to make your Annual Report engaging including;

  • Imagery
  • Typography
  • Stylised tables (did we mention how much we love tables!)
  • Infographics
  • Layout choices

Print or Digital? Which way do you want it?

Times are a changin’ and this means that for some companies, printing their Annual Report is just not an option. Maybe its due to the environment impact. Maybe they want to save themselves some dollars. Whatever the reason, we can offer an alternative. Digital Annual Reports.

Digital Annual Reports allow for more interactive content and once the product is finalised, its a simple export to upload it as a Flip Book to your website.

If Digital is not for you, we can offer print management services to help you finalise your project. Part of this includes us helping with choices of paper stock, printing methods and embellishments. These can really add a wow factor to your report.

It’s about working together

End of financial year is already stressful, and we don’t want to add to that! Over the years we have refined our Annual Report design process to ensure we make it as smooth for our clients as possible. We produce reports for a wide range from clients, from not-for-profits to large corporations.

So why choose us?

You will find our fixed rates very competitive and affordable. We offer cutting edge design, and a high attention to details. Meaning less mistakes and faster turn around times. Check out some of our previous Annual Report designs on our website.

Annual Report Design for Royal Adelaide Hospital

Royal Adelaide Annual Report Design