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About Kylie Meller

From our early days as freelance graphic & digital designer, to now a team of two. We are full-time freelancers, which means from Monday to Friday you can find us in our studio working hard for our clients.

Our aim is to deliver quality graphic design and web design services to individuals, tradesmen, small/medium business. In fact, we love to help anyone that needs affordable graphic design or web design services for their business. Our clients want cost-effective, professional design services that are fast and affordable.

Before heading out on her own in 2008, Kylie spent 3 years in one of Brisbane’s fast paced graphic design studios. Her time there made her realise that clients want to deal with their designers directly. They wanted fast service, and value for money.

We enjoy building long lasting relationships with our clients, many of which have been with us since day one.

The need to be flexible when it comes to a brief and the changes the might come as the project advances, are an important part of our setup. Being loyal and always ensuring we act with integrity are important parts of our business.

Times have changed…

Overtime Duosista has grown to being more than just Kylie. We are now a team of two senior designers, which is great as I means Kylie is no longer stuck talking to the office plants!

So what are you waiting for? Get in contact now to find out how we can help you with your print and digital design needs today.


Thanks to the ever awesome Jen Dainer from Industrial Arch Photography for my portrait. She’s a ‘ranga and an awesome commerical photographer!  If she can make me look good, she can make you look good!