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About Duosista

What started as a single freelance designer, Duosista has is now a team of 2 multi-talented freelance graphic designers who are reliable and hard-working. We provide quality work and a personalised service to our clients, all for a fair price. We make the entire design process, easy, enjoyable and stress free.

We offer quality graphic design and web design services to individuals, trades, and businesses seeking reliable designers. In fact, we love to help anyone that needs affordable graphic design or web design services for their businesses. Our clients want cost-effective, professional design services that are fast and affordable. And they want the process to be easy, enjoyable and stress free.

Kylie Meller started Duosista back in 2008. Before heading out on her own, Kylie spent 3 years in one of Brisbane’s fast paced graphic design studios. Her time there made her realise that clients want to deal with their designers directly. They wanted fast service, and value for money. And the want the whole process to be enjoyable.


Are you looking for a reliable, hard-working designer who can provide you with a range of digital and print design services. We make the entire design process, easy, enjoyable and stress free.


Times have now changed…

Overtime Duosista has grown to being more than just Kylie. We are now a team of two senior designers, which is great as it means I am no longer stuck talking to the office plants!

So what are you waiting for? Get in contact now to find out how I can help you with your print and digital design needs today.


Thanks to the ever awesome Jen Dainer from Industrial Arch Photography for my portrait. She’s a ‘ranga and an awesome commerical photographer!¬† If she can make me look good, she can make you look good!