What is a logo design concept?

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What is a logo design concept and why do I need one?

Generally when you hire a logo designer, they will as part of their logo design package, create multiple concepts for you to choose from when they design your logo.

The reason you need them to design multiple logo design concepts is that often, your brief can be interrupted in more ways than one. A freelance logo designer will generally have a process they follow for their designs. Generally it goes something like this;

  • Brief received from client
  • Research / reference
  • Sketching & conceptualising
  • Reflection on the logo design concepts created
  • Revisions to the concepts
  • Presentation of selected concepts, generally no more than 3
  • Edits / changes from client
  • Approval
  • Delivery of finalised logo to client

What is a logo design concept?

Ask questions

If you are not sure if you freelance designer provides logo design concepts on their logo designs, ask. Some designer also sell pre-made logos for a flat fee. In that case you would generally have a limited amount of changes allowed for those designs and there would be no logo design concepts provided.

Other questions to ask yourself before you brief your logo designer are;

  • Do you have a fixed deadline or timeline for your project?
  • What are your goals and why?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who are your competitors and how do you differ from them?
  • What is the idea behind your business name?

We have a really good logo design questionnaire on our website for our clients to complete. Get in contact if you would like the password to access it.

What is a logo design concept?

More concepts, expect it to cost more.

If you are the kind of person that wants lots of logo design concepts to decided from. Then expect it to cost ALOT. We never give our clients more than 3 options. The reason being, the more logo design concepts you have, the harder it will be to choose. You can also fall into the trap of mixing and matching the concepts and this will then result in a logo that really does not fill the original brief.

We hope this help explain why logo design concepts are an important part of the logo design process. If you have any more questions about logo design, please get in contact.