Logo or Branding? How to know what you need.

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I often hear people use logo or branding as if they are the same thing. But they could not be more wrong. A logo is only one small part of a brand, branding is all the rest.

So what is a brand?

A brand is what you want people to think when they see/hear your business name. It’s the “promise” of what will be delivered or experienced by your customer. Your brand in the personality of your business.

Say what?

Ok let me explain. Think of your brand like a person. What attributes make up it’s personality?

  • What’s it’s name?
  • What does it wear (design look and feel)
  • What does it say (positioning)
  • What are it’s core values (your brand promise)
  • Who does it hang out with? (your target market)
  • Is it well know (your brand awareness)

These traits are different between businesses, and this is what makes up your brand.

Logo or Branding?


A logo is a small part of your brand, it’s the face of your person. Using a professional logo design studio, such as Duosista, can assist in creating a logo that best represents your company. Clients often feel like they can create a logo and head off to start their business. But this is the equivalent of walking out of your house naked!

So what do you need?

Well it all really depends. If you have a clear idea on who your person is, then you are already half-way there to creating your brand. I would alway recommend you work on your brand first. This is always the best place to start. Now you can create your identity, then your logo.

How do you choose who to design your brand and logo for you?

Things to consider for your designer are;

  • Experience – what skill level do they have? Have they done this before?
  • Testimonials – can they provide some testimonials from past clients?
  • Design process – find out what their design process is.
  • A strong portfolio – can they show you examples of their work.
  • Price – are they in your budget?
  • Professionalism – how is their attention to detail and customer service?
  • Questions – do they ask the correct questions?

It can be daunting taking on a big project like a brand, if you would like to chat more about the process, please give me a call.