Why copywriting matters to your new website


I often get asked why copywriting matters to a new clients site. The simple answer is, your website copy attracts the search engines that drive traffic to your site. It’s the vehicle that converts a prospect into a customer. If your copy is not relevant, the customer will leave the site.

Good content is a necessity if you want to be found in search results.

I recommend all my clients hire a copywriter for their web projects. Over the years, web design projects that stall, always get stuck on copy. We can make your site look amazing, but it’s the copy that sells it.

But I just want images on my website

Image this, you’re an architect, your website contains a pictures of the latest building you’ve built. The materials in the image look beautiful but you need words to describe why they look so good, and why they were the prefect choice for this building (eg, easy to clean, affordable etc). Without the words, its just a pretty picture.

Finding the right copywriter

Before heading out to find a copywriter, I would recommend you do the following;

  • Figure out what you want – copywriter have specialties, so be sure to find out if they have experience in the areas you want.
  • Hire an copywriter who knows SEO – but make sure the focus is on the content, no on keywords.
  • Ask for client before & afters – it’s always great to see previous work

The most important part of writing copy, is to make sure you write it for humans! Don’t bombarded your copy with sales and advertising. No one wants to read a website full of bullshit, so keep it real and make it sounds like your brand!