Stock Images? Should you use them?

Stock Images, the good, the bad, the ugly

At some stage in a project you may need stock images. It’s very easy to purchase them now-days off various stock websites, and later I will list some great ones.

When it comes to stock images, there are a few thing you need to take into account.

1. Corporate Portraits

Stock photography can NEVER replace a good corporate headshot. Most people hate having their photo taken, but the right photographer will put you at ease and have that shot completed before you notice. Jen Dainer, who took my portraits, wrote a really great blog post on how you can best prepare for your corporate headshots. This is one time in your project when you don’t want to skimp and use stock images for the people that represent your business.

2. Your office / meeting / products

This one seems like a no brainer, but don’t use stock to represent important parts of your business. If you are sourcing images for your website or brochure design, and need to show your team. Then get some professional shots taken. This applies as well to products that your business may sell. Yes you can find something similar on-line but nothing can represent your product better than the real thing.

So when is it good to use stock images then?

Stock images are perfect for adding interest to the background of a design. They are also great if you are looking for images to represent the town or city where you business in located. The are alot of stock website around, but these are the ones that I like and that are free;

  • Death to the stock photo – this site is perfect for images that are just that little bit different
  • Unsplash – these guys have a email subscription setup where they will email you new images each month.
  • Pexels – again all free and lots of options.

So when you next need some stock images, have a think about what you really need them for, and weather or not stock will work, or you need to find the budget and hire in a professional photographer.