Graphic Design Freelance Rates, Brisbane Australia


I often get asked about my graphic designer hourly rate here in Australia. While some freelance designers charge by the hour, I like to give my clients a fixed price for their projects. For some services I do have a fixed price (eg one page websites). But generally as each project is so different, I find it’s better to quote on a job by job basis.

Generally a quoted project has a few restrictions. If you make changes to these restrictions, it changes the price. This applies to client changes, and a change of brief. Both of these will mean we need to quote the project again.

So what do other other designers charge?

When I’ve asked designers what their rates were, they ranged from $45.00/hr up to $120.00/hr. Now that’s a huge difference. BUT, the other part of my question to them relates to how long they allowed for projects. Generally the $45/hr guys allowed more time on their projects, which meant that the end charge to clients was generally the same.

So I would recommend that if you’re sourcing an affordable graphic designer, make sure not to base your judgement solely around their hourly rate. Get a full quote for your project from the designer. You might find the end cost end up being exactly the same.