You need more than an under construction page

Single page websites

When you are starting your online presence for your business you need more than an under construction page. A single page website might be the answer.

Single page websites can be a good solution for anyone not ready to roll out an entire site. And when we say this we mean, you need to have an online presence but you don’t have the content to fill a whole site. This single page could be an overview of your business, with some contact details. Giving you a legitimate presence on the web while you are working on building your business and building your content. 

Another place where a single page website can be a good investment in the interim of your building a full site could be if you where launching a product or an event. The details may not be set in stone yet, but you need to be using the web to generate interest. In this case I would recommend a data capture form where visitors can sign up to your mailing list to find out up to date information as it happens.

Have a single page website allow you to be searchable on the web and directing potential business to your site and from a business point of view you are not just directing your potential clients to a under construction site. You are giving them digestible and more importantly usable information about you and what you do.