Where to start when designing and publishing eBooks?


So you’ve got your content, its copy perfect and ready to go. All you need is to have the content formatted. If you are creating an eBook you need to be clear from the beginning on how you are going to reach your audience and what you envisage your content doing. This is important because there are a number of avenues you can go down in taking your content to the masses. We need to decide, meaning you and me, on what is the best solution for what you are trying to achieve. There are three types of ebook or e-publishing outcomes, PDF, ebooks and digital publishing. Lets look at each one to help you decide what is going to suit your content best.


You are probably familiar with PDFs. There are a lot of them online, available for download. PDFs can retain all the formatting as designed. They are not interactive, but you can add widgets to online external content. Overall, though it is a static layout.
PDFs view really well on computer screens but you need to ask yourself, what percentage of my audience will be reading on mobile? This consideration is important because with a PDF it will scale to the size of the device thus making you font size rather small.


eBooks tend to be usually text heavy documents, like novels and manuals with very few images or illustrations. You have the capability to view the text size at a size that suits your reader. They are not an interactive outcome though you can link to external web based content and bookmark the content.

Digital Publishing

Digital publishing allows more interactivity with the content. Think magazine style, with scrollable text, hidden captions, slideshows, embedded videos. With a digital publishing outcome you have a lot of control over your end users experience with your content.

This is the solution for you if your content is quite editorial or if it relies heavily on images relating to your stories. This is the most time intensive from a design perspective so you need to allow for extra production time. You also need to design whether you are going to have a portrait or landscape publication or both. You will save a lot of backwards and forwards if your content is perfect prior to being designed.

Talking to us at the beginning of the project will help us to determine what the outcome is that will work best for you. Embarking on an eBook can be uncharted territory but having a clear vision will help you to achieve the right outcome for your content.