I want something different for my invitation design

Letterpress Wedding Invitations Brisbane

So you’re thinking of having something really special to invite your nearest and dearest to your special day. Letterpress is a lovely way to make your invitation touchable, warm and unique. You may have seen some samples on wedding blog sites or Pinterest during your invite research. So how does it work?

Letterpress is an old style of printing that is currently making a comeback in a big way. We love the tactile nature of the printing.

Traditionally letterpress printing involved setting metal or wooden blocks of moveable type into a frame, all in reverse mind you. Thankfully, today we produce our artwork digitally and transfer to a relief flexible plate that can be adhered to lead and set in the press.

Choosing-letterpress Invitation design by Renee Rogers

The finished result for letterpress gives a tactile, crisp, debossed effect. The depth is dependant on how much pressure is applied.

We’ve found that letterpress invitations tend to work best in either one or two colour. It allows for the colours to pop and give your special day the personality it deserves.

Deciding to letterpress you invitations is bit of a big decision. Yes, it is more expensive than digitally printed ones but it does give your event that little bit extra charm.

Impression Fact: We consider the impression depth the whole charm of the printing process, deep is good. Back in the day printers would endeavour to have little or no impression at all!