Achieving the perfect invite for your special day

If letterpress is the result you are looking for there a few things you need to think about before we start designing.

Think about the style of your wedding, is it vintage, is it classic, sophisticated, fun. By establishing the feeling of the wedding will help us to design an invite that suits your style. It is also a good idea to create a moodboard based on your style. The images you find for your invitation moodboard don’t necessarily have to be of other invitations, remember this is for inspiration, and inspiration can come from anywhere! It might be a floral arrangement, style of dress, colour, literally anything that you think relates to the overall style of your wedding.

Once you have a clear idea on your style you need to speak to us, the graphic designer. We can help to create what you are visualising. We want your invite to perfectly sum up the feeling of your wedding so, take all of your inspiration with you when you meet with your designer. If you have specific colours you need us to match, bring those swatches with you too.

One final tip for creating the perfect invite. Remember, the design process takes time, we want to make sure that we come up with the right solution for you and this can’t be done is a rush.