When To Use JPEG, GIF, PNG When Saving Images

I stumbled upon this fantastic graphic from Who is Hosting this about which file type is best to use when it comes to different applications that our clients use with us everyday.

It is not easy knowing which file type is best used for what, and it is a question we get asked alot. If you save your image as the wrong type, you can end up losing detail, blurring them and turning what should be a transparent image into having a white background.

Knowing which images to use where is also perfect for all the client that have website hosting with us. When it comes to hosting, getting more space to store your files isn’t as easy as upgrading your hard drive at home. Upgrading your monthly hosting plan for more storage and bandwidth can get pricey very quickly.

You can’t just compress or reduce the size of all your files; is it a color photo, or black and white with a lot of detail you need to keep? What about your logo – you want it to be crisp with clean lines, nobody wants a pixelated logo. What about files that need a transparent background or even animation.

Do you know which filetypes support those features, and which will lose those special effects? To learn more about what file type goes best with what, check out the handy reference below.


Source: WhoIsHostingThis.com