WordPress Website Passwords and Brute Force attacks


About 3 years ago, WordPress released its Version 3.0. This new release enabled you to select a custom username on installation. This meant the end to most people having “admin” as their default username.

At the moment there appears to be a large number of attacks on WordPress websites, these are being hacked by brute force.

We recommend that if you are still using “admin” as your username to get access to your website, then it’s time to change it, make sure you are using a strong password, and make sure your WordPress is up to date (backup before you do any updates of course!). All these small measures will ensure your WordPress website is better protected against these Brute Force attacks.

It’s also important to ensure your WordPress is up to date, and your plugins too. If you fall behind with these updates, you open your WordPress website up to hacking, If all this seems just too hard, get in touch and I will check and do all your updates and admin changes for you.

Do this and you’ll be ahead of most of the other WordPress websites and blogs out there and probably never have a problem. If you think your WordPress website has already been hacked, we recommend Sucuri as one of the best ways to get it clean, and keep it monitored from not happening again.