Google Earth Puzzle

Google Earth is one of my favourite time wastes on the Internet today. I love just looking at and looking for landmarks and amazing things on our planet. I found this little Google Earth Puzzle over at The Atlantic. I have added a few images here to give you an idea but for the full puzzle be sure to visit their site.

Can you guess where these images are… I’ve put the answer at the bottom for you. You can view the puzzle over here.

[toggle title=”Answers”] Grounded shipwreck on the Western Sahara coastline.

[toggle title=”Answers”] A neighborhood next to Los Cabos International Airport in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

[toggle title=”Answers”] Central Congolian lowland forest, just a small piece.

[toggle title=”Answers”] A Saudi neighborhood, about 16km southwest of Riyadh.

[toggle title=”Answers”] Farmland near Moses Lake, Washington.
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Images found here.