Dear Photograph

Taylor Jones founded Dear Photograph back in May of 2011, after a night at home with his family looking at old photo albums.


They came across an image of his younger brother sitting in front of his 3rd birthday cake, it occurred to Jones that right at that moment his brother, now a lot older was sitting in exactly the same place, Jones grabbed his camera and took a shoot of the old photography lined up to match its original place, he posted it to a few blogs and within a few short months Dear Photograph had become a worldwide phenomenon.

Nearly a year on, the site has had over 10 million hits with it reaching over 20,000 hits a day! Along with each photography that are submitted, the submitter also adds their story of the photo, this makes for the most lovely reading.

So if you have some spare time this week make sure you pop over and spending some time taking in all the images, who know maybe you can send one yourself. Make sure you let us know if you do!

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