What size is your business card?

Business cards are an important part to any business, small or large, no matter what the industry. They are a fantastic way to break the ice at new meetings and they allow the receiver to keep them for future reference. A business card is also a great way to show the personality of the business and the card owner.

As Graphic Designers, we love to create business cards all day long, and we love to do them in various shapes and sizes but, is that really good for you and your business? Does the size of your business card really matter? Here are some reasons why we thinks it better to keep your business cards to a standard size.

Storing your cards.

Most people keep cards they collect either in a wallet or a business card display book. This enables them to view the cards easily for future reference. Most of these holders are designed to store standard size business cards, so when your is an odd shape, or too large/small, it makes it hard for the receiver to store and keep your card easily.

Necessary information.

Information is the most important thing about a business card, it’s the reason they were created. Your card tells people who you are, what you do, and what you can do for them. Using a business card of standard size ensure that all your necessary information fits onto your card. Most cards nowadays hold your logo, name, title, contact number, postal address and website. In some cases you may need a double-sided card to fit all this information on.


Having a business card that is smaller in size, means you need to reduce the size of your font (typeface) which in turns makes it harder to read. Using a standard size card allows enough space to have all your information listed and at a reasonable size for people to read.