Cheap logo design and why it never works!

Logo design is often one of the first times a small business will come in contact with a graphic design studio. People are often shocked to learn what it costs to design them a logo. So I thought it would be a good idea to give you some of the reasons why its important to see your logo as an investment for your business and to understand why they cost as much as they do to create them.

It’s important to get your logo right from the start, it’s the first impression people get of your business. Your logo can tell people a story before they have even had contact with your business. It might tell them things like your business is large, small, fun, serious or even more so it may show them exactly what it is you do. Another good reason to budget well on your logo design is to ensure it has longevity. You want it to be able to represent your business for many years to come, this helps with strengthening your brand and enables people to become familiar with it. Your logo should look professional. You want it to show your customers that time and thought has gone into its design and that it represents your business effectively.

To design a logo there are a few more steps than people often realise;

  • Research – this is one of the most important steps. Understanding your business, your competitors and how you want your business represented
  • Sketching & Brainstorming – getting the ideas down on paper and seeing if they work in the first instance
  • Designing on the computer – normally taking 3 or 4 of the strongest sketches and transferring them from paper to computer
  • Final Design – amendments to the selected logo, refinements, colour selections and more amendments

So while there are many online options for getting logos at $99, I think it’s important to look at all the points above and to understand why quality logos take time and money.

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