Twitter! To tweet or not?

Twitter is a social networking platform that allows users to give updates to their followers 140 characters at a time. Users interact with each other via public @replies messages or direct message (which are private and can only be done between 2 users who are following each other). It is really simple to use, and a fantastic way to engage with your current or prospective clients, friends and anyone who has a twitter account (even your favourite celebrities).

A lot of businesses have been slowing moving over to this form of social media to reach out and interact with their clients. So to help you along we have prepared a simple Twitter 101.

The Basics!


Twitter is just like being in a room full of people, these people are all sitting around in a circle holding a conversation. When you updated your status on Twitter, you are speaking to the whole group (eg all the people who follow you), but when you do an @reply (with reply being the persons twitter user name) you are speaking directly to a person within the group, but the whole group can still hear it. For example:

[highlight]@pink We really love your new album![/highlight]


Everyone who is following Pink and Duosista will see this message, but I am directing the message specifically to Pink.

You can also use the reply function to refer to someone by name. For example:

[highlight]Hi @pink When do you think you will be coming to Australia again?[/highlight]


Again using the example of people sitting around in a circle, Direct Messages are like you are whispering in the ear of one person who is sitting in the circle, therefore no one else can hear your conversation.

So now you know the basic’s of twitter it’s time to start twittering! You can access Twitter via either a smart phone or twitter home page.

Visit now to set up your account and get tweeting. Why not add @duosista as your first twitter friend!